Visitor Management System

The One Stop Solution for ID, Membership, Event, Parking Permits and Visitors Management. In the modern world, Security has become a major concern for every Government organisation, Public Sectors, Corporate Offices, Defense Establishments, Schools, Residential Complex’s etc. Visitors must write entries by hand, creating a logjam effect in public entryways.
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Contract Labour Management System

Contract Labour will be marked IN either by Thumb/RFID or through Barcode according to his shift. Also he may swipe more than once but first swipe will be collected as IN Swipe and Last swipe will be taken as OUT. According to IN and OUT swipes actual working hours will be calculated. This system will calculate Present/Absent days as well as Extra Hours based on IN and OUT swipes. This will be the input to execute wages for the labors, which can be executed monthly/weekly/Daily.
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Access Control

  • Zone Level Health (configuration settings) Check of Controllers
  • One click - Reset Health of Controllers.
  • Refreshing Health Periodically or One can manually trigger health to see current health of controllers.
  • Zone Level – Identifying events. Accordingly necessary action can be taken.
  • Online Monitoring of Events like (Access denied, Forced Entry etc.)
  • Programmable duration for Time to open the door and Time to close the door, if connected with a magnetic switch
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Canteen Management System

The Canteen Management System keeps track of daily activities carried out in a canteen. System helps canteen administrator to keep the track of daily food consumption, also reduces employees' time for placing an order and simplifies all the canteen related process. Project Scope The system will maintain location wise canteen details of particular organization.
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Payroll System

Our HRMS System gives your company a decisive edge in the daily HR and managerial activities. So let the huge registers vanish in thin air & work right from your desktop. For any organization, from small to large-scale sizes, manpower is the most crucial factor that affects and is directly responsible for the performance of the company and economical status of the company.
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Security Systems

There's more to security than locking down, tightening up, and saying no. The right security technology, implemented the right way, can open up new opportunities. Boost efficiency. Accelerate innovation. And improve the user experience.
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