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Now a days, outsourcing has become a regular practice, which helps companies to concentrate on their main activity and manage the business. Our offshore development center (ODC) makes you feel as it is your own development wing. Our team keeps the aim to meet the client’s requirement and give satisfaction about work.

We have a dedicated team for offshore development in India, where you can develop your projects and serves to your client with a considerably reduced cost. We use to provide best facility, set up the environment, staff with qualified and talented team and with processes and reporting structure. It will be an extension of your own facility, available to you at a reduced cost, without the hassle of you managing it. The ODC comes with added benefits:

  • Cost effective
  • Top quality
  • Flexible and Ready Expertise
  • Professional software development service
  • Reduced overhead (Talent acquisition )
  • Focused Methodologies
  • Team build on client requirement
  • Culture aligned with client team
  • Reduced Infrastructure cost (Development center cost)
  • More time to focus on core business activities
  • Faster turn-around time (time difference helps in getting the output without much loss of business days).
  • Economies and advantages of a long–term relationship as a technological partner with Kat Technologies.

Development languages and technologies

ASP.NET , C#, WebAPI, AngularJS, Jquery, Bootstrap, IIS , Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, MSSQL 2005 etc.

Application Development

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